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Attracting new investors and driving a constant stream of interest to your story is crucial for your company’s growth and success. Most public companies focus on existing shareholders, but they often lack the ability to engage with new investors effectively. It’s time to shift your strategy and start thinking about how you can continuously attract and engage with new investors.


Our market research reveals that within the first month of engaging with Triforce Media, clients are experiencing remarkable results, with a 10 to 50 percent increase in new investors engaging with their stories. Imagine the potential for your company to expand its reach and attract a whole new audience of eager investors.

Email marketing is one of the most traditional online marketing concepts and is very effective. Enhance customer relationships and encourage repeat business with a well-planned email marketing strategy.

Direct Investor Targeting
1 Million+ Contacts
Direct Engagement
Quality Return Traffic

LeadComm provides provable results that you can measure.

Our LeadComm campaigns are proven to increase engagement through a mix of well designed emails, multi stage email marketing strategies and a list of over 1,000,000+ institutional capital investors.

LeadComm Case Study

Service Description: Email Marketing (3-month campaign) – 1+ million reach – 40k funds, 200k VCs, 400k LPs, 200k Broker-Dealers, 250k Angels


Junior Mining Company


LeadComm Multi-stage email marketing campaign


This client asked us to run our LeadComm campaign to increase the traffic and engagement with a new landing page to LeadCommness and connect with potential investors in the company.


We wrote and designed a series of email marketing campaigns that were to be sent over the course of a 3-month campaign. Each email will be followed up with the next. If the client opened an email they are added to the primary workflow and those that did not open an email will be added to a secondary workflow until they open an email, at which point they will be re-added to the primary workflow.

Initial Email Performance Metrics:

Total Sent Unique Opens Total Opens Open Rate Unique Clicks Total Clicks CTR Unsubscribes
29,835 10,122 13,387 33.93% 8,349 40,278 27.98% 74
59,133 12,094 13,942 20.45% 9,513 40,140 16.09% 88
135,673 41,893 44,794 36.08% 39,395 123,646 31.73% 160
135,271 22,907 25,285 19.08% 21,200 110,364 17.65% 163

Initial Email Performance Metrics:

Total Sent Unique Opens Total Opens Open Rate Unique Clicks Total Clicks CTR Unsubscribes
10,066 7,467 8,324 79.42% 7,125 23,159 75.78% 13
17,708 13,182 15,136 77.90% 11,052 36,977 65.32% 54

Campaign Traffic Over Time

Users By Country

Interested in Email Marketing?

Our team of professional Email marketing experts is the perfect partner for a successful business partnership.


Target Investors Directly

Do you want to target high value, institutional capital investors? Our LeadComm email marketing program can help you boost your investor engagement by getting your message directly into their inboxes.

Our list of over 1million+ confirmed investors will get your message right to them, direct to their inboxes. We handle all the sending, designing, and list management, you provide the messaging and we take care of the rest.


Increasing the brand awareness to grow engagement

Your brand gets more exposure to investors with each email sent. Our multi-step program makes sure that your message and brand get across to investors.
With LeadComm, we don’t just send one email, we send multiple in our multi-step program, making sure that each investor gets multiple chances to engage with your website.

Lowest cost per engagement

This is one of the best benefits of Email Marketing because the return of investment is definitely much better. It is one of the most affordable options and even outperforms social and display marketing.

People know their email system and can easily share your message

The forward button can do wonders in terms of sharing emails. Even subscribers can share your emails and that would lead to added credibility and exposure.