Mobile Marketing

New channels and platforms emerge daily, and mobile is taking a strong lead.

Mobile Marketing is the process of marketing to prospects on mobile devices (i.e. a tablet or smart phone).


With smart phones and tablets selling like hotcakes these days in Vancouver, it is not surprising that a lot of Vancouver companies are investing in mobile marketing. Desktops are becoming a thing of the past. Consumers today are spoiled by mobile technology and this has resulted in lower attention spans and a tendency to multi-task. Time is precious and the shorter the better.


of Canadians in 2013 own a smartphone.


of Canadian smartphone owners in 2013 made a purchase online with their device.


is the average number of paid apps Canadians have on their mobile devices in 2013.


of Canadians use Google as the default search engine on their mobile devices.


of Canadians accessed a social networking site on their mobile devices.


of Canadians used a search engine to search for products on their mobile devices.

Key Elements of Mobile Marketing

Here are some of the best ways to reach mobile consumers through mobile marketing. They show the importance of these trends today and how organizations can maximize their profits:

Rich Media

Rich media is the process of using effective tools like Flash or HTML5 technology to create mobile marketing advertisements that enhance the interactive experience of consumers. The ads can include many levels of content in one placement (i.e. videos, apps, mobile site, games, tweets from an ad, etc). If you have a simple objective to generate clicks or a more ambitious goal to create brand awareness, Rich Media is the format to go with. Rich media can be presented through video, sound, gaming, and so on.


Geo-Marketing is the process of targeting marketing to consumers based on their geolocation (geographic information). An example of a geo-targeted advertising campaign could include marketing on Foursquare. Foursquare is a location-based social networking website and is a terrific way to reach out to local consumers. Foursquare is great because your customers essentially become advertisers for your business.

Mobile Video

We live in a so-called clip generation. Stories have to be presented with moving pictures and sounds. The richer the better. With the growth of mobile technology, coupled with sites like YouTube, it is easy to see the attractiveness of video advertising. People who are always busy have little time to read through a 2 paragraph rave but would rather see moving ads that are only 20 seconds.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications (aka apps) are installed by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms (i.e. Google's Play Store, Apple's App Store). There are many different types of apps these days; games, GPS and location-based services, magazines, directories, financial, review sites, classified listings, ticket sales etc..

Continued Importance of SMS

The thing about SMS is that the recipient has to look at it before deciding to delete it. It doesn’t go into the spam folder like in the case of email messages. It is also fast and doesn’t require graphics to stimulate interest.

Mobile Sites vs. Mobile Apps

Mobile sites provide a portable way to advertise your brand. Since it is designed for smaller screens, the target market is people who are always on the go. Mobile apps provide interactive content through push notifications.

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