Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting

A Marketing Strategy creates a long-term competitive advantage.

Triforce Media has processes which allow our clients to focus their resources on the goal of increasing sales and creating a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Do you go for long-term or short-term goals? For companies to succeed, marketing strategies are important. It is a kind of game you implement to get straight to your goals. Long-term planning oversees years while short-term focuses on lower time increments like weeks or months.

Before working on your marketing strategies, you need to set up goals. Are these goals realistic? Are these goals easy to achieve? And what are these goals by the way?

Do You Want More SEO Traffic?

Our team of professional SEO experts is the perfect partner for a successful business partnership.

What we can help you with

Lead Capture

Lead Capture is actually a cornerstone of different marketing automation systems. It helps marketers acquire new names from landing pages, web forms, and e-mail campaigns.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the generation interest from consumers. Leads are formulated for purposes such as e-newsletter list acquisition, list building, or even for sales leads.

Affiliate Networks

It is an intermediary between merchants and affiliates such as publishers in the context of an actual affiliate marketing program. Affiliate networks are widespread online.

Let us show you how marketing can help your business

Our ultimate goal is to increase your traffic, sales and revenue by letting you know what the best marketing strategies are for your company.

Website Analysis leading shops are already

Keyword Research search engine & social media experts

On Page Optimization calls, reach, conversions

Our Tactics

Social Networking

Your Facebook or Twitter page can be effective tools in increasing your brand popularity. Linking your blog to your Facebook page can save you time trying to post updates on both sites. WordPress is good in syncing your other networks, where after uploading your blog post, it gets uploaded to various sites simultaneously.

Organize Charitable Events

It’s a good way of meeting new people and getting your product through word -of- the- mouth or press releases.

Guest Posting

Having guests on your blog is a good tool in exposing your work to other fans.

Tips & Tricks

Readers love tips that can make their lives better, especially those that save time and money. Research and write more. Be sure to only write tips that are in your niche.

Coupons & Discounts

Buyers love discounts. This is further supported by the fact that many online discount sites are cropping everywhere. Do more research on this are and always make visitors of your site feel they have something to look forward to, every time they pay you a visit.


Is your website attractive to look at? If you are selling your products offline, do you have a kind of store where you make people feel that they are in a special place? Pay attention to how you project yourself to the world. Things will just happen after.